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For those of us that are not natural writers it may be a bit daunting to start up your own blog, especially a business blog.  The fear sets in – what the heck do I write about?

As an “unnatural” writer, so to speak, I’m here to tell you that it’s easier than you think.  It helps if you have a designated time and day that you have set aside to write, and of course if something strikes you just go ahead and write something whenever you please!  But, as long as you have that reminder in your calendar (I do mine once a week), you can’t easily forget or put off your writing duties.

As for the content, I find the best thing to do is to look back at the past couple of work days and ask yourself questions such as:

  • “what have I learned recently?”
  • “what was an interesting experience that I’ve had?”
  • “what problems did I encounter recently, and how did I solve them?”
  • “what have I been thinking about lately?”

It’s important to remember that every single post you write does not have to be mind-blowingly amazing!  Have a look at what’s happening in your life and you’d be surprised how interesting and useful your experiences can be to others; there’s no need to diminish your own experiences and think that they aren’t helpful or interesting.

And remember too that some days you’ll find it easier to write than others, and I suggest that you take advantage of those opportunities and write some posts in advance to compensate for the days when you are stuck in a rut.

Be gentle with yourself and you’ll see how easy it is to find something to write about.