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Working with Kim and Sarah helps business run smoothly. They are professional, friendly, prompt, and helpful.
Worth every penny and more!
~ Jul 2017

Alison Stafford

CFP®, Money Coach with Money Coaches Canada

Sarah and Kim are always ready to help by taking admin tasks off my plate, so I can focus on my core service – where I NEED to spend my time. They are friendly, hard-working, and thoughtful in how they work with me and my clients. My life is much less hectic thanks to their help.
~ Jan 2017

Noel D'Souza

CFP®, Money Coach with Money Coaches Canada

As an entrepreneur we tend to try and do it all ourselves and by doing so end of doing the paperwork instead of concentrating on our business. The team at SMac To The Rescue has made my life so much easier, and they are so professional! I would recommend them to anyone looking to build their business instead of drowning in the details!
~ Mar 2016

Leslie Gardner

Certified Money Coach, Money Coaches Canada

Sarah is very good at what she does! She has high standards for professionalism and her communications have always been warm and supportive to both me and my clients. She has always been available to step in and use her expertise, problem solving skills and creative wizardry to make things happen – NOW! I’m so grateful to her for the support she has provided to me as my business has grown, I know I couldn’t have done it without her!
~ Mar 2016


Money Coach, Money Coaches Canada

10 out of 10 – SMac is amazing, she is super flexible, hard working and always has great input into making the finished product of your site the absolute best it can be. I would highly recommend her and look forward to continuing working with her as well!
~ Sept 2015

Jill Bruun

Owner, Hook Design & Company

10 out of 10 – Sarah is constantly on top of things and great at keeping our work on track.
~ Aug 2015

Judith Cane

Money Coach

Working with Sarah is a pleasure. She is so good with all the details. Her attention and patience is such a relief to my practice. She is keen for any challenge I throw her way and always strives to provide excellent results.

Her team is dedicated and knowledgeable and enhances my business in every project they tackle!
~ Sep 2013

Karen Richardson

Money Coach, Money Coaches Canada

Sarah is a delight to work with. She is fast, efficient and pleasant to work with at all times. Her knowledge and skills are wide ranging. She is keen to take on new challenges and learn what she needs to to get the job done! Sarah has become a trusted and invaluable member of our team.
~ May 2009

Sheila Walkington

CFO, Money Coaches Canada Inc.

From the moment I started working with Sarah I realized that she would make my work so much easier. She is brilliant at picking up information about systems that are in place in a business. She is creative and enthusiastic. More than all of that I feel that she is a professional who can be relied upon. I am very fortunate to have found her services.
~ Aug 2008

Jeffrey Fisher

Owner, CounsellingBC.com

As an entrepernuer and small business owner having limited resources is a given. I am a one woman show and most of the time feel I can handle EVERYTHING. But in truth as my company has gained momentum and started to head in the direction I hoped for, it was clear that I really needed to add to resources. Unable to actually hire a staff I spoke with someone who recomended SMac and boy did she and her team come to my rescue.

I was stalled with my website and ability to keep up the pace of posts and management while creating my jewelry collection, marketing the company and developing new business strategies. SMac and her lovely co-worker Heather have made a huge impact in my ability to focus my time and attention where it needs to be.

They are the pros, so I do not need to be, the time and energy that I have saved in utilizing the service has simply been a life safer. I consider them my team and really enjoy the relationship we have virtually established. They understand my needs and react to them with consideration for me as a business person, in my industry and budget.

I really cannot recommend them more!
~ July 2012

Christine Lorenzo

Owner, SariBlue

Hiring SMac has been one of the best decisions I’ve made in elevating the administration of my company. I should have implemented this 5 years ago and feel incredibly fortunate that SMac was my first choice because it has proven to be invaluable to the success of my operations and how professional and thorough my administration is and communication is to my clients.
~ Feb 2017

Garfield Wilson

Owner, Forward Fitness Inc.

Sarah is not only friendly, warm and kind she is also incredibly efficient. Her services have freed up so much of my time. While I’m in client meetings I know that incoming requests are being responded to. This assistance was a small change but is of immense value.
~ Mar 2016

Kathryn Mandelcorn

Certified Money Coach, Money Coaches Canada

10 out of 10 – Awesome service, knowledgeable, extremely efficient and super quick to boot! Sarah is my techy superHERO. We just freshened (actually completely redesigned it!) up my website, and it wouldn’t have been possible without Sarah’s really hard work. Feeling grateful to have her on my team!
~ Sep 2015

Julia Khafizov

Owner, Satori Yoga & Yoga Therapy

I give SMac 10 out of 10 because she gets s**t done when you ask and ‘gets it’ when you’re trying to explain things in a hurry. The invoicing is easy to follow and isn’t ridiculous in price.
~ June 2014

Barb Turner

Owner, 3T Core Conditioning System

Working with the SMac to the Rescue team is the best decision I have ever made in creating and marketing my website! They are so efficient, extremely helpful and very economical!!
~ Dec 2012

Tracy Persson

Owner, Soul Remedies

Sarah really is a superhero! She is fast, efficient, friendly, takes initiative and isn’t afraid to learn new things. I can’t imagine running my practice without her.
~ May 2009

Karin Mizgala

CEO, Money Coaches Canada Inc.

Sarah rocks, there is no better way to put it. When I need rescuing, she is there with solutions, ideas, and her amazing super powers. As I always tell Sarah, I LOVE her!
~ Jan 2010

Susan Easton

Career Visibility Coach and member of The YES Alliance

Prior to working with SMac and her team I had a hard time getting a VA to set up and follow systems in my business. SMac is reliable, organized, and I know that what I send her will get done. Thank you so much for helping me grow my business.
~ May 2010

Shauna Harper

Live Work Communications

I’ve just started working with Sarah but already I’m impressed & feel I’m in good hands. Her enthusiasm, positive outlook & ‘find a way’ attitude are infectious. I’m looking forward to a great working relationship with Sarah.
~ May 2008

Jody Gabourie

Marketing Plan Queen

Sarah has proven to be an incredible resource. She has organized my profound business disorganization into something comprehensive, easy to use and understand. She helps me in so many aspects of my business! What I find most pleasing is that she does the organizational things I hate with joy! Right on SMac!
~ June 2008

Damian John


It is an absolute pleasure to work with Sarah and her team! They are efficient, helpful, creative, professional, knowledgable – I could go on. As a start-up business, I felt very comfortable working with Sarah. She walked me through the process and was there to answer any questions or concerns I had about building my website. I also felt like she was cheerleading me and was just as excited as I was in launching my new business! I look forward to our continued working relationship and would highly recommend Sarah and her team for your business.
~ Apr 2012

Michelle Thornhill


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