Frequently Asked Questions

Got questions? You’ve come to the right place!

1. What the heck is a Virtual Assistant anyways?

A Virtual Assistant (also known as a VA) is “a highly-skilled, independent professional who remotely provides administrative, technical and/or creative business support services” (so says

2. How can working with you save me money?

The SMac To The Rescue team is far more technically experienced, and therefore more efficient, than your regular Joe – this means that we can help you get your projects done in less time hence costing you less money than trying to figure it all out by yourself or getting a regular non-techie assistant to help you. Plus you don’t have to pay for office space, holiday time, gossip time, holidays or benefits, or office equipment – we are completely independent and we work with you, not for you.

3. How much will it cost me?

It really all depends on what it is you’re wanting, but the majority of our work comes in nifty little packages and we also do some stuff on an hourly basis – often we use a combination of both. Whatever works the best for your particular needs, we’ll design a custom setup that jives with everything.

If you want to see the specifics about how our billing works and all the itty-bitty details of our policies, have a look at our Policies page.

If you’d rather skip all that boring stuff and have a look at what we can do for you with all of our amazing and efficient virtual assistant super powers, hop on over to our Services page, or grab yourself one of our Super Efficiency e-books.

4. What can you do for me?

Have you been reading every question? Here’s the link to the page that describes all our fabulous Super Powers, and the link to our Super Efficiency e-books, again.

5. Who invented liquid soap, and why?

There are so many possible answers to this question, there is no Sure Thing. (I so love Gib!)

6. Do you specialize in anything?

I’m so awesome I have two specialties actually, and one encompasses the other.

First of all I am an Efficiency Expert. What that means is that if you’re not efficient and you’re finding that your business is getting held back because of it, you need to contact me and get “SMacked”! I will help you break everything down into bite-sized pieces so that you can get back into action and get things rolling, and I’ll have suggestions and/or create processes that you can use to help you stay out of that rut for good.

Secondly, if you are a dance teacher or studio and need to create an online presence for yourself, I’m your gal! I love helping you market your business, get your online presence set up, and create ongoing and easy to use marketing plans so that you can spend the time doing what you do best – actually dancing! Putting up posters around town to advertise your classes/workshops/events just doesn’t cut it anymore, you need an online presence so that everyone, old and new, can find you and keep in touch. It’s easier than you think, you don’t have to be a huge business before you can utilize these tools – I’ve been there myself and seen the difference it can make! Don’t believe me? Better go have a look at my Portfolio page to see what I mean.

7. Are you really as awesome as you say you are?

Don’t take my word for it, read the gossip yourself

8. Why only eight questions instead of ten?

It just so happens that 8 is my favourite number.

So what are you waiting for?

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