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I’ve recently just discovered an application called Tungle, and it has saved me so much time!

First let me explain what Tungle does.  It’s an online application that you can sync with your calendar (including iCal on a Mac – sweet!), and then use it to book appointments with whomever you want to.  That’s the bare bones of it anyways.

What I really like is that you can give your link to other people who can then use your Tungle link to see your calendar and propose a meeting with you.  The best part about that is that outsiders don’t actually “see” everything on your calendar, not the details anyways, so you can still maintain your privacy.  What they see are the blocks of time that you already have scheduled in your calendar and it just shows them as Busy.

What I like the best though, is how Tungle gives you the ability to propose multiple meeting time slots, so when the recipient gets the meeting request they can choose which meeting date/time suits them best – no more emailing back and forth trying to find a good time!

And to top it all off, the person that you’re sending the meeting request to doesn’t even have to be signed up to Tungle.  Perfect!

I would highly recommend Tungle to anyone who wants to easily and smoothly book their meetings.