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Who doesn’t enjoy a good massage?!?!?

But, did you know that regular massage therapy should be a regular part of your health regime? Particularly for those of us who spend most of our day sitting.

My partner is a Registered Massage Therapist (check out his Relief Massage Therapy website) and I can’t tell you how much I’ve learned over the years just by listening to him and his colleagues, and of course by having him around to constantly remind me of how my posture is looking! I had always thought of massages as being something fluffy and nice to treat yourself to once a year or so, or for a special occasion. Well, I had no idea of the scope of what RMTs can do for your health. Let me explain…

An RMT is definitely NOT a masseuse; just try calling an RMT that and see the reaction you get! RMTs have been trained for years in anatomy & pathology, and in the case of British Columbia they put in thousands of hours of practical time. At the end of their training they are required to take board exams, including practical, and throughout their career they must accumulate a certain number of hours/credits of ongoing training per year. You are in capable hands with an RMT!

But what can they do for you? Much more than I originally thought:

  • Long Term Pain – unfortunately some people have had either medical problems or car accidents that continue to cause them pain long after the event. Your RMT can help to manage that pain on an ongoing basis.
  • Injuries – if you’ve had an injury your RMT can help to speed up the healing process with various techniques.
  • Exercises – your RMT will most likely give you some exercise homework so that you can learn to correct the body habits that are causing you grief and help facilitate the healing process.
  • Posture – these folks know what correct posture should be and they will help you to work towards it while still working within your limits.

The list could go on and on. The point is, Massage Therapy is so much more than a fluffy rub-down and should be utilized on a regular basis whether we are having health issues or not. Why wait until a problem crops up? Spend an hour with your RMT once and month and you can prevent many health issues before they even begin.