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Sync is frickin’ amazing! Am I allowed to start out a blog post this way? Whatever, I just did.

I recently discovered Sync and I just can’t believe I hadn’t found it before, I absolutely love it. But let’s take a step back, what is Sync? Sync is a file sharing and storage solution in the cloud, very similar to Dropbox, but WAAAAAAAAY better!

Why way better? Here are some excellent reasons:

  1. It’s 100% Canadian – yes that’s right, 100% Canadian and your data is stored in Canada too. Very important point if you’re concerned about the new privacy laws in the US.

  3. It’s super secure – I’ll let you read up on their site since they describe it way better that I can, but you will have encryption and security galore with Sync. For example, if the worst happens and your device is stolen you can log into your Sync account and instantly remove that device from being able to access anything in your Sync folders. Then once you’re back up and running you can turn your device back on again. Hurrah!

  5. Sharing is so crazy easy and there are a variety of options. Here are some examples:

    • You can share an entire folder with one or more folks if they have Sync accounts of their own.
      In fact, if you have a paid account and they have a free account, as long as you yourself have created and shared the folder (in other words, you’re the owner of the folder) then you can put as much data in there as you want and it won’t count towards their allotted space in their account. Very handy!

    • If you want to share a folder or file with someone who does not have a Sync account, you can create what’s called a Secure Link. Send them the link and voila, they can see and download whatever is in the folder.

    • You can create a secure link where folks without a Sync account can upload files securely, and if you want to use the same link for a variety of folks but don’t want them to accidentally see anyone else’s uploaded documents, you can set the permissions to Upload Only, no downloads, all files are hidden.

I could go on and on but no need, you get the idea. The paid accounts with Sync are very reasonably priced, a bit less than other similar programs out there in fact, and they have so so many benefits. And best of all Sync is super easy to use, even the non-techy clients are able to utilize it!

I highly recommend Sync for your file sharing and storage needs.