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Best Replacement for LogMeIn

by | Aug 24, 2016 | Efficiency, For VA's, Product Reviews, Tips & Tricks | 0 comments

Like most folks I used to use LogMeIn whenever I needed to remotely log in somewhere, whether to help out my family or to log back into my own machine from afar. But alas, LogMeIn is no longer free and I really don’t use it enough to justify the price.

So now what?

I decided to try a bunch of different tools that are still free and offer similar capabilities. The list ended up being a bit short, but here’s what I found…

First off I tried NoMachine. It seemed very simple to use and set up a connection (I tested it out using our other computer on the same network) and once the connection was made it was great – I could see and use my whole screen on my original computer which is exactly what I was looking for. But, then I tried getting a family member to install it and we tried for days to get connected, to no avail. After much research and fiddle-faddling around with various settings, firewalls, etc. etc. it just seemed like too much work so we gave up.

Next up, Team Viewer. This one I felt much better about right off the bat, it had very simple connection requirements and like before I tested it first using two of my own computers on the same network, and it worked great. Next I did the same test with the same family member from afar and voila! Also simple to connect and it worked great! We’ve got a winner!

We tried it in multiple locations on multiple networks and were able to connect each and every time, with no hassle whatsoever. Sweet! So long story short I would recommend Team Viewer for your personal remote log in needs and it’s totally free. If you need it for business purposes I’m sure it also works great, but there is a fee involved of course.