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If you’ve ever looked up what the fees would be to use PayPal you’ll come across a chart that says if you make X amount of sales you’ll pay X percent, and so on for different ranges of sales.  Great!  It’s all laid out for you easy to see.

However, if you want to actually be able to take advantage of the lower percentage fees once you reach the specified range of sales you will have to do a quick application through PayPal to make it happen, it won’t just adjust automatically.

I won’t bother with giving the path to make this application as it will probably change over time, but give PayPal a call and they’ll point you in the right direction to fill out the “application”.  It’s super easy and really just a very short online form, and once you fill it out if you meet the sales range requirements then from that moment on your fees will be automatically adjusted based on your sales, as reflected in the chart you found in the beginning.

So, be sure to remember to do this final step and take advantage of the lower fees, otherwise you’ll just be paying the same (and higher) percentage forever, regardless of your sales range.