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It’s only been a couple of weeks but already I love my chickens!

They’re really quite sweet, and instead of running to the opposite corner of the coop when I come in they now come running up to me when I come in.  If I crouch down then a bunch of them are weaving and roaming around through my legs and pecking at my rubber boots.  And today, my favourite gal tried to jump up my leg for some reason, not sure what that’s about.

So meet the girls (and possibly one or two boys): Sgt. McBluey, Brighid, Taranis, Amber, Gerry, Marion, White Bum (WB), Less White Bum (LWB), and two more whose names haven’t made themselves known to us yet.  To be honest I’m not sure which one is LWB, my sweetie named that one and hasn’t told me which one it belongs to yet!

I love watching their bed time ritual, and I’m still learning all their sounds.  It’s fun to watch the ole “chicken TV” when they’re out and about in their giant fenced area too.

Who would’ve thunk it – I’ve become Farmer MacGregor!