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I know what most of you are thinking: “What the heck is Kootenay Kids?”  Excellent question!

Kootenay Kids is a non-profit organization in Nelson BC that provides some excellent and much-needed services to parents and children in the community.  It just so happens that I have a good friend who works there, and it was through her that I became aware of their website woes.

Long story short, it was the classic case of, “Nobody can update the website except So-and-so, but we really need some simple stuff updated, but Susie-Q is the only person who communicates with So-and-so, but Susie-Q is away for a while, oh no!  What are we going to do?”  I just happened to hear my good friend lamenting this scenario one night so I had to ask – can I have a look at the website?  Maybe I could help.

The website itself is totally fine, but the problem is one I come across so often – the guts of the website behind the scenes are not accessible by anyone other than a techie geek like me.  I asked whether she’d like to have the website recreated in WordPress so that they could have easy access and make simple changes whenever they wanted, to which she replied, “Hells Yeah!!!” (that’s a direct quote!)

BUT, of course they’re a non-profit and therefore obviously always low in funds.  Bah, funds schmunds, who cares about money?  If it will help make my friend’s work life easier, I’m on board.  I’m a geek and like to do this stuff for fun anyways!

And so it begins – starts with a re-creation of course, but then the fun really starts rolling – once folks realize that new stuff can be added/tweaked/updated then we’re off!  Well, it’s always a challenge to gather up all of the necessary logins, hosting, behind-the-scenes type info, but we’re off like a herd of turtles!  The re-creation is ready to roll at least, the rest is just the extra fun stuff.

Behold – the beginning…

Kootenay Kids WordPress Website