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Today’s post is from a personal perspective, but I just have to share.  A few weeks ago a wrote about making sure that you have Internet back-up plans just in case your service goes out at home.  Well, I had done all of that research myself recently because I am about to move to a new location and whether I would be able to get Internet service to my home was still up in the air!  I wasn’t panicked because I had my backup ideas in place, but I wasn’t happy being in limbo and have been waiting for a solid solution for a couple of months now.

And now, the answer I’ve been waiting for has arrived!  Lo and behold, as of the middle of next month, which just happens to be when I’ll be moving into my new place, the Internet service that I was waiting to find out about will become available and can be installed into my house.  Is that perfect timing or what!

Just goes to show that having a backup plan is a surefire way to fend off panic, and if you’re lucky (like me!) then you won’t even have to use your backup plan at all.