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Don’t let that title fool you, I do indeed consider myself to be an Administration Superhero!  However sometimes I think I can get carried away with the whole “superhero” thing and I end up with a big fat head and think I’m Superwoman in all facets of my life.  It’s day’s like today when I just need to calm down, take a deep breath, and have a look at what I’m doing.

For instance, this past weekend I just moved into my very first house.  Yay!  How exciting!  Our moving day also happened to be my birthday.  Yay again!  Happy Birthday to me!  I gave myself a house for my birthday, who can beat that?  So naturally we had to squeeze in a family dinner to celebrate.  While I’m moving in I am also continuing to work, of course.  And Halloween is just around the corner, and I’d love to get some more candy (since we ate most of what we already got) and some decorations and plan out a quick costume to answer the door in.  And of course I’ve got my dance class tomorrow night, and I promised the gal who is making my latest costume that she could come over earlier and measure me some more.  And I’ve got my office partially rebuilt, but wouldn’t it be great if I could just get it all set up perfectly so that I could work better this week?  And to top it all off, even though it’s only Tuesday and we just moved in on Saturday, I had a little fit this morning because I was annoyed that all of the stuff and boxes are not unpacked and put away yet.

Whew!  If I’m totally honest I have to say that I even left out a few “ands” from that list because I just didn’t want the paragraph to end up miles long.  Anyway, you get the picture.

Whoa Nellie!  What on earth makes me think that I can just carry on with my regular life, both personal and business, through an entire household move and not have to re-adjust my time?  Perhaps I’m extremely optimistic.  And then to expect myself to have completely settled in within two days?  For goodness sake, we don’t even have all our furniture yet!  Sheesh!

For those of you out there who also suffer from Superheroitis, let us take a moment together to pause………………..take a nice deep breath……………………pause some more……………………….and then perhaps sit down with a nice cup of tea and a kitty on your lap and take the time to compose a list of all the little tasks you want to accomplish in the near future, and try to give yourself realistic goals for when you’d like them to be completed.  And no, you’re not allowed to do all the tasks in one day.  Chances are once you see your list in physical form, you’ll realize that your lofty superhero-ish goals are unreasonable, and you can now rest easy knowing that you can’t finish everything right away, so really there is no point in worrying about it.  And, sometimes I find that lists act as Pensieves (from Harry Potter in case you didn’t know) in that once this nagging thing is out of your head and on a list it is no longer crowding your head.

So in the end, I see that I cannot be a superhero at all times.  Even we superheros require a rest now and then!  We must take the time to recharge, take stock, and formulate a new plan of action with fresh minds.