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My sweetie and I have just gotten our first little flock of chickens, all 10 of them!  A small flock, no doubt, but really there is just the two of us for now so 10 is actually quite a few if you think about it.

I’ve wanted chickens for a while but wasn’t able to due to various locations and bylaws, but now that I’ve escaped from suburbia I can do whatever I want dang rabbit!

We did a bulk order with our neighbours across the street and they were nice enough to hold onto the chicks while we finished building the chicken coop – we have the best neighbours ever!  Now the coop is up, everyone is moved in, and we’re good to go.

So for the record, we’re at two cats, one dog, and 10 chickens – the homestead has begun!

P.S. It sounds like there have been lots of success in various municipalities having their no-backyard-chicken bylaws challenged, so if you’re wanting chickens of your own, by all means, go for it!