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I’ve recently been asked to change a client’s website header from a particular size to fullscreen, and it looks great.

But I’m curious, what do most folks prefer to look at? We could even be talking about entire sites here, do you prefer the full-on full screen experience when browsing the web, or do you find websites easier to read when they’re in a nice neat container?

I suppose lots of it has to do with your own personal screen size, and if you’ve got bad eyes (like me) a container can be nice to help define your lines, but then again full screen can spread things out better so they’re also easier to read. As long as a full screen site doesn’t use their full-screen-ed-ness (is that word?) to pack in as much info as they can, that’s just a recipe for disaster for someone with bad eyes.

So what is your preference and why? I’d love to hear your thoughts…