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If you’re spending time doing the things that you love the most, your “Super Powers” if you will, then you’ll find that efficiency will naturally follow.  For everything else that doesn’t fit into this category, it’s time to delegate.

As entrepreneurs we’re often working on our own and it’s up to us to make sure that everything gets done and is rolling along smoothly.  But in reality, you can’t be good at everything.  Some tasks you love to do, some tasks you do because you have to, and others you simply don’t even know where to start.  How frustrating!

I think the best tactic for any business owner is to figure out what it is that you like doing the most.  Why did you start up this business in first place?  What did you envision that you’d be spending your time doing?  Often when we start our businesses we quickly realize that there is a lot more that we have to do in order to keep things running, let alone growing, and eventually we can start to lose focus.

So, think back to the last time you felt really great and had lots of energy while you were working, and then notice exactly what it was you were doing at that time.  This is your Super Power!  This is what gives you energy, what you really enjoy doing, and it comes so easy to you that time just flies by and you can accomplish amazing things.  Of course if we’re doing something we like, we’ll get it done faster, better, easier, etc.

On the other hand, think back to the last time you were feeling heavy and reluctant to do something, and make a note what this task is.  There could be more than one of course.  Make a list of these things.  These are definitely not your Super Powers.  Tackling these tasks is a slog and drains your energy – who wants that?  These tasks are your kryptonite, and you most certainly are not making efficient use of your valuable time when you’re working on these.

But as much fun as only working with your Super Powers sounds, these other tasks really do need to be done in order to keep your business running.  Or do they?  Chances are if you sit down with an efficiency expert you may be able to eliminate some of these tasks from your plate altogether.  Hooray!  Or if they can’t be completely eliminated, then certainly there could be a better way of doing them so that they are more streamlined, more efficient, and therefore taking up less of your time.  It may even be the best solution to delegate these tasks to someone else entirely.

I challenge everyone to improve their efficiency by discovering their own Super Powers!