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Just recently I did a post about using KompoZer as my html editor, and that’s when I remembered that I also discovered an excellent FTP tool at the same time I discovered KompoZer, and it’s called Fetch FTP.

For those of you that dabble in html code now and then, you’ll probably come across the need to send and retrieve files from your web server.  I hunted around for some free ftp clients that would work with a Mac, but alas they were all very clunky and no fun to use at all.

So I decided to use Fetch, and it only cost me $29 (USD) for a single user license.  It’s simple and easy to use, and most importantly it’s reliable.  And as an added bonus, whenever the program is “thinking” while it’s uploading/downloading a file, you get to watch a tiny little doggy running on the spot!  That may not sound like much to you, but it can be very entertaining when I’m in the middle of a huge task!

All in all I think that Fetch was an excellent purchase and I would recommend it to anyone.