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I’ve often wondered if there isn’t something better out there as far as email clients go, but I have some very specific requirements (okay, they’re really only preferences) that I look for with an email client.

As I’ve mentioned before I use a Mac, and with a Mac come a variety of excellent programs such as Mail, Address Book, and iCal, and I know lots of folks out there use Thunderbird for their email.  I love these programs and how they work, however I want everything within a single program!  I want it all: email, calendar, contacts, tasks, projects, EVERYTHING, and I want it all in one place.

So, what I’ve decided to use is Entourage.  It’s part of the Office for Mac suite, it’s not very expensive at all, and it has all of these things together in one handy dandy program.  I’d call it the Mac version of Outlook.  And although some problems do crop up now and then (it is a Microsoft product, after all), the benefits that come with an all-in-one email client outweigh the issues.

So what I’d like to know is, what are you & your buddies using?  Are there any other options out there that I could be looking at?  I’d love to hear your suggestions…