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As a VA getting business insurance is very tricky, particularly in Canada.  None of our Canadian VA associations provide insurance in this department, and yet when I try to go with an outside source they look very confused when I tell them what I am.

Even with much describing and hand holding, and after answering a zillion questions more than once, it seems I still don’t fit into any of their pre-made templates – I certainly don’t fit their description of a “home based business” if you can believe it! – and therefore because I am an unknown (to them at least), this makes me a risk.  And as we all know in the world of insurance, risk = big money.

The sticky point seems to be the fact that I have a website, and that is part of what makes me not fit into the “home based business” category.  Which to be completely honest, I think is total bunk.  Of course anyone who does not have any kind of a physical storefront needs to have a website – how else can we be found?  How else does anyone out there know we exist?   And these days everyone and their dog has a website whether they have a business or not!

Get with the times you archaic insurance companies!  There must be some company out there that has what I, and other small home-based businesses with an Internet presence, need.

If anyone has any suggestions I’d love to hear them!