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Here are some excellent tools to help you increase your business efficiency. Some are affiliate links and some are free, and either way SMac only recommends products that she has used and enjoyed herself:


Free online software to help you keep organized.



Free software (as long as it’s for Personal use) to remotely log in to another computer. Works between Mac & Windows.



Free FTP software that can send large files that would otherwise be too large to send by email.


Xiosoft Instant Teleseminar

InstantTeleseminar makes it easy to create and manage Phone + Web events and classes for your business needs.


Transcript Heroes

These guys are right up my alley, my fellow Canadian Superheroes! I’ve used them many times when I’m in need of transcription work, they are all kinds of awesome.

Transcript Heroes

SMac uses Freshbooks


Time Tracking and Invoicing – Freshbooks has saved me so much time it’s amazing! Super easy to use and makes it super easy for your clients to pay you.

SMac uses 1Password and loves it!


Password management program that remembers so much more than just passwords! Works with both Mac and PC. I would literally die without 1Password.

So what are you waiting for?

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