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I’ve recently discovered something called Zoom that can be used for online meetings, video conferencing and screen sharing. Holy smokes this thing is awesome!

It works better than Skype which is always a bit patchy in my out-of-the-way neck of the woods. My sweetie and tested it out when he was on his last business trip and it was smooth sailing!

Something else I discovered is that I can record my screen. I have some online video classes that can only be streamed, but the internet is sometimes iffy where I live, especially in the evening, and of course that’s exactly when I would need to view these videos. Well, early in the morning when everything is much faster I can play the videos and record my screen at the same time and voila! Now I have recordings on my computer that I can watch any darn time I like, evenings included.

By the way, did I mention that it’s free? It’s FREE! Super Awesome!

So, go check out Zoom for yourself, I highly recommend it…