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I’ve been thinking about moving my entire website over to WordPress lately, mainly because it would be nice if I could get someone else to do some edits now and then for me, and I can’t decide whether I need to get a pro theme or not.

I’ve checked out both Thesis and Studiopress themes since they are the popular ones, and they do indeed look great, but I wonder if a regular free theme would suffice?  I do have a “coding” background and I can often sneak into the back end of things and make what I want to happen actually happen.  But not many other people will be able to, which brings me back again to getting someone to do some edits etc. for me.  And I do know that with the pro themes there is support available, and that’s always a good thing.

What is the general consensus?  Free theme or Pro theme?

I’d love to hear everyone else’s opinions…