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I don’t know about you but I’ve often come across WordPress sites that have pages that should not allow comments on them. It’s easy enough to change this setting, just create the page then once it’s saved go back, do a quick update, and uncheck the Allow Comments checkbox. Easy, right?

But, sometimes a bunch of these pages are getting created at once and someone might forget to go back and uncheck the Allow Comments, so wouldn’t it be easier if you could just turn off comments for Pages only? We still want to keep comments open for blog posts of course, but it would be nice if new pages were set to have Allow Comments turned off by default.

Turns out it’s a pretty simple change, especially if you have a child theme already in place. You just need to find your loop-page.php file and remove or comment out this small bit of code (you can usually find it right above the last line):

Voila! Super easy and much more efficient.