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How to Add a Simple Placeholder to a WordPress Menu

by | Jan 20, 2016 | Efficiency, For VA's, Superhero Diary, Tips & Tricks | 0 comments

Have you ever wanted to have one of the top items in your WordPress menu be just a simple placeholder? You don’t want it to link to anywhere, it just needs to exist and most likely hold a submenu of related items. It can definitely help with your menu organization, and we all know how much I love to be organized!

It’s quite simple to do, here’s how it works.

Navigate to the Menu editing section and make sure you’re on the menu that you want to add placeholders to. You’ll see on the left hand side there are a few choices for what types of things you can add to a menu: Pages, Posts, Links, Categories, etc. etc. Choose the one that says Links, type a # where it asks for the url, and in the Link Text area is where you’d put the name that you want to display for your placeholder.

Now click the Add to Menu button, drag & drop/reorganize your menu structure however you wish, and remember to Save your menu.

Ta da! Super simple!