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I’ve recently done a setup of Wishlist Member for a client and it reminded me just how much I love Wishlist.

First of all, what is Wishlist? Simply put, it’s a membership system for your WordPress site.

How does it work? You create “Levels” that folks can become members of, and each level is connected to certain content. What I love about Wishlist is that your content can be entire pages, posts, categories, etc., but also only some sections on any given page if that’s what you want. I love to have control! I find it super easy to set up and use, everything makes perfect sense and seems logical to me, and if I have any questions they have loads of FAQs, documentation, and how-to videos available.

Here’s an example of how it worked for a client of mine: the client had courses that were offered to the public, and each course had a resource page that was password protected so that only those who took the course could access the resources and related content once we sent them the password. Sounds simple enough, but when things grow so that a student can be taking more than one course, then they (and we) have multiple passwords to keep track of. And, if anyone happens to cancel out before the course begins then we had to change the password and notify everyone else. Not fun, and opens us up to more possible errors in that we might miss someone when we notify of the changes.

But with Wishlist now everyone has just one login and from there they can see everything that they should, whether it’s the resources for one or more courses. If someone cancels out, we just remove their membership for that particular level and nobody else is affected. Super simple and easy!

So long story short, I would definitely recommend you take a look at Wishlist and see if it fits your needs.