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I’ve been thinking for the past three or four weeks that our lovely chickens should start laying eggs any second now.  I even hoped that they were holding off just to hit my birthday near the end of October, but still no luck!

And then I found out that each of our neighbours who had chickens from the same batch as ours had just gotten their first eggs.  Man!

I’ve filled up their nest boxes with nice clean straw, and they’ve pulled it all out and scattered it around.  So, I just filled them up again, and I’ve tried a new tactic of putting a fake egg in each nest so that when new layers are looking for a place to lay they see my painted rocks and think, “Aha! Here’s a safe place to lay my egg too”.

And it worked!!!!  Just yesterday I found my very first egg, it was so small, and so tasty!  I’m very excited!

Good job girls!  And congratulations to me!