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In the course of my research into all things Scottish (I am Lady Sarah MacGregor of Glencoe you know) I decided to do a bit of research on whether or not Vampires were (are?) in Scotland.

Aha! It’s true!

Here is an historical account:

“Location: Blair Atholl (Perth and Kinross) – Glen Tilt, north of the town
Type: Vampire
Date / Time: Early twentieth century?
Further Comments: Two poachers shacking up in a bothy reported being attacked by a creature that attacked and drank blood from one of them. The pair managed to fight the creature off, and it flew away. The story is very similar to the vampire tale that happened at Fealaar, Aberdeenshire.”

Or I also found a great article about Vampires in Scotland with a bunch of cool topics:

  • MacDracula?
  • The Vampire of Glamis Castle – The Vampire Monk
  • The Baobahn Sith (pronounced Baa’-van-shee), Scotland’s version of it’s own vampire also known as a White Woman
  • and more nifty stories

I love it! I’m one of those strange folks that think Vampires are interesting, so the fact that some of these legends tie in with my own history is awesome!

And, it just so happens that I had recently created a wee little Count Dracula for my sister Shendah’s birthday (from one vampire lover to another):

The Count The Count close up