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So, your VA business is going great, you’re as busy as you’d like to be and you’ve got a few regular clients.  Hooray!  Everything is going so smoothly, why would you need to bother thinking about getting a subcontractor?

First of all, things may be going smoothly now, but who knows what the future may bring?

What if all of a sudden a bunch of your marketing starts to pay off and you’re swamped with so many new clients you don’t know what to do with them all?  I bet at that point you’ll be wishing that you had made contact with some fellow Virtual Assistants so that you wouldn’t have to start your hunt from scratch.

Or, what if you decide you want to take a well-deserved holiday – are your clients willing to be without you for a week or so?  Possibly.  What if you want to be away for longer than a week?  If you’ve got a subcontractor set up to fill in for you then you have the opportunity for more flexible holiday plans.

On another note, what if there is some kind of emergency that pops up like a sick loved one, or a death in the family?  Nobody likes to think of these kinds of events, but having your own solo-business at such a time can add an extra complication that you don’t need right then.  If you have a subcontractor already set up then they might be able to take care of at least the most crucial elements of your client’s needs at short notice.

Or worse yet, what if you get in some kind of accident and are out for the count for a brief period of time?  Another excellent example of how having someone ready to fill in for you can help to save you some time and money, not to mention spare you from excess stress.

Consider all of these reasons in relation to your VA practice and you’ll find that using a subcontractor is a solid business decision.