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I recently had an unexpected turn of events that made me take another look at the contract that I have when I take on new associates to my team.

There was a short blip in there that covered the whole non-compete for perpetuity stuff, but turns out that wasn’t enough.  There were a couple of points that needed to be addressed:

  1. I can’t legally say that someone can’t compete with me for perpetuity – there has to be an end somewhere.
  2. What are the consequences if someone ignores the non-compete and swipes a client?
  3. What happens if everyone agrees that client X will officially move over to the Associate after it’s been specifically requested by client x to do so?

Have you reviewed your contracts lately?  Now would be a great time to do so – have a good look and make sure that you’re not only covering all your bases but that you’re not making unreasonable demands either.