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The free program MyHours is an awesome tool used to keep track of your work time.

MyHours also has the functionality that allows you to set up a Company and from it have connections to “employees” that have their own MyHours accounts, thereby allowing you to view and keep track of everyone’s hours from one spot.  Very nice!

For those Virtual Assistants that either run a Multi-VA team or are part of a team, this is very handy indeed.  If you are a Multi-VA team leader and have your MyHours account set up right from the beginning, then every time you add a new VA to your team you can make sure that they too get set up with a MyHours account and you can then keep an eye on time spent on any given project.  And, for the VA that is joining the team, they can rest assured that even if they are using MyHours to keep track of ALL of their time – both time spent working with the Multi-VA team and time spent on their own business proejcts – their Multi-VA team leader can only see the hours for those projects that have been mapped to their Company.

I have another example of how this functionality can be utilized in a slightly different way: at one point I was part of a Multi-VA team.  I had been using MyHours to keep track of my time for years, however my team leader had never used it.  In an effort to find an easy way for me to share my timesheet with my team leader, I came up with the idea to try utilizing the Company functionality of MyHours.  In the end we managed to set it up so that at any given time she could view how many hours I had spent on her projects only, and at the same time I was able to continue using MyHours for all of my work, as usual, and still keep my own business private.

So, you can see how MyHours can be very flexible and rich in functionality.  Look for next week’s post where I will give specific instructions on how to set up MyHours so that you can “share” your timesheet as described in my last example.