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In my last blog post I talked about getting your business task list ready for the Holidays.  From a more personal perspective, here’s a great gift idea…

Last Christmas I got a fantastic gift from my mom – two DVDs containing all of our old home movies from our really old trigger movie camera. Yay! I hadn’t seen those in ages!

Well, let me tell you how disappointed I was when I put the DVD in and was confronted with that strange screen that shows four funny looking boxes and a time stamp on top. And, the disappointment grew when the movies started to play along with the cheesiest canned music I’ve ever heard! Now, I know that because those movies are indeed silent it would have been odd to watch everything without some kind of music included, but really, those songs were putting me to sleep. AND they repeated the same songs over and over! All in all I was not impressed: bad music, no menus, and no chapters for easy access.

Sound familiar? If you’ve had a similar experience, or if you’ve been contemplating switching over your own old home movies, I have a much better suggestion: let SMac To The Rescue turn your old home movies into beautiful DVDs.

The process couldn’t be easier, all you have to do is send us your old movies and we can take care of the rest. Even if you’ve already had some conversions done and ended up with a product similar to the one I encountered, send it to us and we can easily fix it up. Your old movies don’t have sound either? Not a problem – either you can choose the music you want to be included or we can try to find the best fit for you.

The end result will be a fully functional DVD including a label and case, beautiful and easy to use interactive menus, and chapters so that you can navigate quickly and easily.

Make reminiscing an easy and pleasurable experience! Have a family reunion coming up and you want to give everyone their own copy of special family memories? Want to be able to easily share your home videos at anyone’s house? Want to be able to skip straight to your favourite memories? SMac To The Rescue’s home movie DVDs are the solution you’re looking for!

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