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So sad to say that my little boy kitty, Pippin, died a few weeks ago.  He quickly and unexpectedly came down with something called Auto Immune Hemolytic Anemia, which basically means that his immune system was killing his own blood cells.

He’s been through a lot over the years and we’ve come to think of him as pretty much immortal – he always pulls through somehow – he’s one tough kitty!

And although it seemed like the same was going to happen again, he responded really well to his treatment for the first week or two, in the end it just didn’t stick and we had to let him go.

So here is a quick video of the time between when he was doing really well again, feeling good enough to do his good ole “flop and spin”, albeit much slower than usual!  Never seen a cat that loved to be ruffled up like that, or spun around on the floor for that matter.

Love you, Pip.  I’m heartbroken without you.