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My internet stick – although I am thankful that it exists so that I can continue to work from home in a location where there is no other internet option, it is also the bane of my existence! Oh how I loathe it some days.

As long as nothing is ever changing (ha! When does that ever happen in the technology world?!) then it usually works just fine. But, heaven forbid I should add something new to the mix and poof! It stops working.

And, not only does it stop working, it tries to take my computer down with it! Random things start happening, forced shutdowns ensue, everything slows down at an incredible rate, and my computer is only 2 months old so I know exactly who the culprit is. You see, it’s happened before, and I’m sure it will happen again.

I’ve tried to document how I have been able to get it all working again, but alas it is never the same issue twice, at least not yet. Uninstall, restart, install, restart, blinking orange lights ~ the tango of frustration continues well into dinner time.

Now on day 2 I’ve managed a compromise that is temporarily working, but I’ll have to make a trip into town to buy yet another cord to make it a permanent fix. In the meantime it’s working, but only grudgingly as it continues to freeze now and then, but at least it’s working for the most part.

Another way to look at the situation is that I have learned that after 1 hour at the very most I should just get up and walk away – no piece of technology is worth that level of frustration and I’m not helping anything at that point anyways. Next time I’ll be sure to take a nice deep breath, take a break for a few hours, and then have another look when I’m refreshed!