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For those of you that have been using WP-Table Reloaded on your WordPress sites, you’ve probably noticed that it’s no longer being supported and you need to eventually move over to the new and improved version called TablePress.

I was reluctant to do this at first but the instructions that WP-Table Reloaded provides sounded pretty straight forward.  You can find the instructions here.

Well I finally took the plunge and made the switch, and I’m happy to say it was much easier that I had imagined and I didn’t have any strange blips or loss of info at all!  Hooray!

So if you’re dilly-dallying around and haven’t swapped over to TablePress yet, go ahead and give it a whirl, it’s much more painless than you think, and you’ll be getting rid of an outdated plugin that could be a potential hacking risk in the future.