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Yet again I’ve lost one of my lovely chickens.  Well, four of them actually, but only one had a name so far – Bertha.

We had some bear troubles and it showed up twice and marauded our hens, killing two each time before we chased it off with bear spray again and again.  Only took us 30 seconds max to get out there, but that’s all it took, dang.  And of course it’s always my favorite that gets hurt, poor Bertha.

She was our extra bonus chickie, the breeder threw her in for free because she had crooked toes, but otherwise she was turning into the biggest, sweetest hen we’d had yet!


This is the only picture I have of her back when she was still small, she’s the big girl in the middle with the crooked toes.

Goodbye, lovely Bertha.  So glad to have known you even for a short time!