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Here is my favourite super tip on how to use subfolders to help you be able to see at a glance which emails in any given folder require some attention/action from you:

Within each folder that you create, create a subfolder called Done.

Yes, that’s it!

Let me explain in more detail:

First of all, the title of this “Done” folder really doesn’t matter, you could just as easily call it “Finished” or “Completed” or “Does Not Require Any Further Attention”.  Whatever works for you is just fine.

Secondly, how would you use this new subfolder?  Whenever an email needs no further action on your part, you move it to the Done folder.  Super simple!  This keeps the main folder from getting cluttered, you can indeed see at a glance what you need to focus on, and your main folders essentially become your To Do folders.

For example, let’s say that your Client #1 has sent you some tasks that need to be done via multiple emails.  When you’re ready to do work for Client #1 all you have to do is look in their Client #1 folder, and each time you complete a task you move that particular email to the Done folder.

With this system, every time you look in the Client #1 folder all you will see is work that needs to be done.  Sweet!  What a huge time saver!