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The Super Duper Inside Scoop

How many secret identities can one person have?  The sky is the limit, I say!

Read on to get the super duper inside scoop on Sarah MacGregor, a.k.a. SMac, CEO of SMac To The Rescue…

Alarm Clock Girl
Secret Identity #2 ~ Alarm Clock Girl

Able to wake herself and others within a millisecond of their required wake up time, with NO ALARM CLOCKS IN SIGHT!  It’s all in her super powered brain, no batteries required.  (Yes, that really is me in the picture, and yes, I really am flying through the air)

Secret Identity #3 ~ Crazy Cat Lady

It’s true, I am already well on my way to becoming one of those crazy old cat ladies that have 5 billion cats by the time they die.  Pi is my big fat peachy kitty, and he loves to lay on his belly with his legs straight out behind him, like he’s a superhero flying through the air.  Sous-Lit (yes, that’s Under Bed en francais because that’s where she always hid when we first got her) is my black and white little girl kitty, and she’s cuddly and soft and loves to chase bouncy little foam balls in the tub.  That’s 2 and counting…

Pi and Sous-Lit

Secret Identity #4 ~ Kesavah

Don’t let her gawky, uncoordinated regular life fool you, Kesavah is a BellyDance teacher, performer extraordinaire, and longtime student.  She can amaze you with her Shamadan, get you grinning with her Saidi, and make you laugh with her Fellahine fun!  (Yes again, that is indeed my own belly in the picture)

Secret Identity #5 ~ ScantiLily

Fresh on the burlesque scene, but don’t let her innocence fool you.  Who was the only new student who decided to perform, unchoreographed, for the whole class on just the third day?  None other than the cheekiest gal around, Miss ScantiLily!  (And yes, yet again that is my own geeky self in the picture)

Cheeky Miss ScantiLily
Lady Sarah MacGregor of Glencoe - Crest

Secret Identity #6 ~ Lady Sarah

Yes it’s true, I am officially a Scottish landowner and can claim the title of Lady Sarah MacGregor of Glencoe. Sweet! I’ve even started a new blog on the subject, you can check it out here: The Life and Passions of Lady Sarah MacGregor of Glencoe. Lean bhurr ashlic! (That’s “Follow your dreams” for all you non-gaelic speakers out there)