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Well, it turns out it’s the same as last year and the moment my sweetie leaves the property anytime in February then the snow hits!

And same as last year, it was looking like Spring already – stuff was melting like crazy, we could actually see the snow shrinking, it was awesome!

But then it started again (when Damian went away of course), and then I also popped away for a couple of days, three in total actually, and when we both got home we were amazed – at least a foot of snow had arrived in those three days!  Man!

So now I have a “tunnel” of sorts when I head up to the chicken house, the door to the chicken yard is getting stuck yet again and I have to squeeze past because it won’t open all the way, or close very easily for that matter.  Sheesh!  Springtime, where are you?

At least our doggie Sandor likes the snow, he loves leaning into the banks and pushing himself along, it’s so cute – here he is just last week on March 1st…