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I recently tried out Spreadshirt and created a couple of shirts as a memorial to my kitty, Pippin. I have a mixed review for Spreadshirt, for a variety of reasons.

First of all, I really like the shirts themselves, that’s part of the reason why I chose Spreadshirt in the first place – they had more choices besides just the plain old square t-shirt (a style I can honestly say I never wear).

Secondly, I really like the ability to add my own wording, both on the front and the back of my chosen shirts. I could choose from a bunch of fonts, sizes, colours, etc.

But the main piece was the photo – I made sure to choose photos of my Pip that were very clear and had high resolution, as high as I was allowed to upload, to ensure that once it was blown up onto a shirt that they would still look good. Well, the pixellation does look good, but both of the pictures I chose turned out very very dark and you can’t really see Pip’s face at all, way way darker than the actual pictures themselves that I chose with such care. So disappointing!

And the final clincher was the shipping – only one option for we Canadians unfortunately and it didn’t allow tracking. Took almost a whole month for my shirts to arrive and when they did I had to pay an extra $20 in customs. Crap! That definitely changes the price factor.

So like I said, a mixed bag for sure. If you’re in the States the shipping/customs wouldn’t be a problem, but the super dark photo is enough that I won’t use their service again. Perhaps if it was some other kind of graphic besides an actual photo, I’m sure it would all look just fine then.