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Have you ever had one of those days where you find yourself getting more and more frustrated with whatever you’re working on?

It may not be so easy to notice when you’re getting to this point, especially if you’re a VA and you’re working at home by yourself, but here are some cues that might be a tip-off that you’re reaching your end point:

  1. You’ve started talking out loud to your computer
  2. Your cats suddenly turn their heads and look at you, startled from their nap when you let loose with a bad word
  3. You’re constantly shifting your position in your chair
  4. You’re holding your breath, or breathing very shallow

Granted, some of us regularly talk out loud to our computer (I’m definitely guilty of that one), and in your case the tip off would be that you’re talking loudly out loud.  Another one that I’m famous for is leaning forward on my elbows so I can see the screen closer, then leaning all the way back in my chair, then forward, then back, etc.

So, if any of these cues are present in your workday, it’s a clear sign that it’s time to take a break.  Whether you take a break simply from the task you’re working on by moving on to a different one, or whether you take a break away from your office altogether is entirely up to you.  But, no matter what you do, please do take a break.  You deserve it!  You’re obviously working hard, trying to solve something, but you’re not doing yourself or your client any favours if you’re going to force your brain into “crazy” mode and end up making potentially big mistakes in the end.

So, always keep on the lookout for your personal breaking point cues, and then take a deep breath and listen to them – give yourself a well-earned break.  Your body and brain will be fresher and more able to tackle anything if you do.