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First of all let me start off by saying that I love my two kitties.  “What the heck kind of blog post is this?” you’re probably thinking right now.  Don’t worry, I do have a point to make.

Keeping in mind that I love my kitties, and that they both came from the SPCA, my partner and I decided that the way that we wanted to contribute this Holiday season was to become volunteers and foster some animals over Christmas.  This is something that the SPCA does every year, and if you’re willing to give some of your time and attention, then it can be a very rewarding way to give of yourself.

So here’s me with visions of piles of kitties napping on my lap, on my bed, all over the place.  Of course they would love my kitties and they’d all get along, and we’d even get some little kittens too just for fun.  Well, turns out my partner thinks it would be a good idea to try a dog instead.  Hmmm, sounds ok, I guess.  I had my heart set on more kitties, but let’s give it a go.  Then, we get a call a few days before the scheduled pick-up date (everyone usually just goes to the SPCA on a given date and chooses the animals they want to foster) and it’s the volunteer coordinator saying that they just got two puppies dropped off at the shelter and they’re too small to stay in the kennel, and would we like to take them right away?  My partner was out of town at the time so I made a quick decision and decided to go for it – he said he wanted a dog – surprise!  He got two!

It’s been a few days now and aside from having to clean up never-ending pee pee puddles and poo poo piles, these little ones are really sweet to have around.  We have a designated non-carpet room that they can hang out in and we take turns getting up in the middle of the night to clean up and comfort the little ones when they get lonely.  The SPCA is awesome and provided us with food, toys, blankets, a big kennel for a bed, and treats – everything we could possibly need.  All we have to do is have a suitable space and available time.  Easy!

So, if you’re looking for a way to give but your wallet is a little empty, consider fostering from the SPCA.  It only lasts about three weeks, you can learn a lot about animals (and yourself in the process of taking care of them), and if you’re considering getting yourself a pet this is a great way to do a real-life trial run.  Who knows, you might even fall in love and decide to adopt them yourself!

As for me I’ve confirmed that I am indeed, most definitely, a cat person.  These little girls are sweeties and we think we may have even found a good permanent home for them, but they will be leaving us in January regardless.  In the meantime we’re helping them to be socialized, loved and appreciated, and maybe even semi-trained by the time they leave so that they can be ready to go to a new home.

So, all in all, I think it’s been a good experience for all of us.  So much so that we will probably do it again and again whenever we get the chance.  And maybe it can be kitties next time!