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If you’ve ever been stuck trying to upload a really big .mp3 file I’ve got a solution for you – use the free program Switch to shrink it.

Switch is another excellent free program that I have found to aid me in my audio tasks.  Not only can it convert between file types but I’ve just discovered that you can also use it to quickly and easily shrink the size of your .mp3 file.

Simply drop your .mp3 file into the switch program, click the Encoder Options button, change the Constant Bitrate to a lower value (remembering that a lower value means lower quality, so don’t automatically choose the lowest one), and you’re ready to “convert” your file.  I shrank one today that went from 18.5 MB down to 4.3 MB, and it still sounded great!

Switch is available for both Mac and PC, and like I mentioned before it’s free.  Yay!  Free is always good.