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I’ve been using Insightly, an online CRM, for a while but not to it’s full extent. Lately, I’ve begun to dive into it all, and holy smokes it’s super duper!

First of all it’s free as long as you only have up to 3 users max. Need I say that free is always good.

But most of all I’ve been discovering how easy it is to keep track of Opportunities and Projects, especially when there is more than one person who is involved in keeping track of them. With Insightly we can all see which emails have gone out, which files we have, what stage of a project we’re in, what happened to an opportunity, etc. etc.

And, you can define activity sets that get dates applied to them, and on the given dates you get emailed a reminder of the tasks you need to do. Super handy!

From any given Contact you can link straight to their own personal Opportunity, Project, etc. so you’re never running around searching for something that belongs to so-and-so client.

Sweet! I’d recommend Insightly as an online CRM for sure.