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Preview is a program that comes with Macs and unless you have some other fancy-dancy pdf program installed, this is what is used when you open a pdf.

But I’ve just discovered that there are all sorts of things you can do with Preview:

  • Add a signature and automatically “sign” documents – it takes a picture of your signature then saves and inserts it
  • Edit images – everything from crop, rotate, color adjustments, etc.
  • Scan – who knew?  Turns out Preview can also work with your scanner
  • Annotate – add stuff like notes, highlights, links, arrows, shapes, strikethrough, underline, etc. etc.

Awesome!  I had no idea all of these tools were in my humble little Preview.

Click this link to check out all the details and the how-to for using Preview and see for yourself how to use this excellent pdf editing software for Mac.