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Sgt and Yogurt

Sgt. and his girls enjoying yogurt

by Damian John

All birds talk to the sun
A resounding greeting matched with a cadence fair
None seemed quite as exuberant as the Male Chicken.

“Hello gorgeous light of the day
It’s grand to see your march into the sky
It’s beautiful to wake with you and your timeless daylight dance
I love you, I love you, I love you”

The big blue rooster,
As he grew into protector of the flock,
And superb morning orator,
Talked the sun to life particularly well.

Watch those male flock birds
If you want a decent lesson on how to “Be a Man”
They give their ladies prime cuts
Their keen awareness is apple-bite crisp
And they’ll fight anything.

I’m so proud of this bird
He was my teacher and a friend
The bear’s maw scared him not
As he stood on his one good leg and said,
“Let’s dance great predator
But you won’t have my girls”.

The bear, in his great wisdom, left him his legs and wings
So he could still dance with the daylight.

Sgt and his Girls

Sgt. and his Girls in the tractor

Baby Sgt

Sgt. as a baby