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I’ve heard of some instances, and even experienced a few cases of my own, where some folks seem to think that Business automatically equals Stuffy.

Ever lame!  Of course that’s not the case and I’ll tell you why: if you are up front about your personality when it comes to your business, then everyone who finds you will know exactly what & who they are dealing with and whether this is what they want or not.  No surprises, no let downs, just the straight goods.  Very efficient!

Take your business website for instance – if it accurately reflects your personality then those folks who may think that you are totally out to lunch won’t even bother taking the time to contact you directly, they’ll simply move on.  But, those who like what they see will already know that they want to work with you before they even get in touch.  Let your website become your litmus test and you’ll never go wrong!

How is this related to being efficient?  Think about it, if you don’t have to waste your valuable time talking with the folks who really don’t jive with your personality you will definitely become more efficient at finding and retaining new clients!