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I’ve talked in previous posts about Tungle and how generally awesome it is, and now I have another online scheduling program that I’ve been looking at: TimeTrade (formerly known as TimeDriver).

I’ve been looking for a solution for a client that wants clients and other business associates to be able to book their own appointments with her online, but she also has a set block of times that she wants to have available for each type of appointment.  So, TimeTrade seems to be the best choice – you can set up different “events” and give them available times that anyone booking online can choose from, therefore successfully segregating her different types of appointments.

However, appointments can only be scheduled with one person – no group meetings.  Bummer!  That is one task that Tungle excels at, and it is so darn handy.

So I’m curious, what is everyone else out there using for their online scheduling?  Is there a program out there that can differentiate between different kinds of appointments and still allow scheduling with more than one person at a time?  I’d love to hear about it if there is…