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I’ve recently looked into switching over to the new Office for Mac 2011, but I just can’t decide if it’s worth the hassle.

It sounds like there are some good points such as the re-addition of Outlook instead of Entourage – this would make it easier for me to share calendars with PC Outlook folks, as well as give me easier access to things like Microsoft One-Note – something I’ve been using more and more lately.  To be honest I like the concept of One-Note but working with it online really sucks the big one, so making this smoother would be great.

But then there are the not-so-good points – I’d have to switch everything over from Entourage to Outlook and cross my fingers that nothing got lost.  Now let me tell you that I’m very dependent on my calendar and everything scheduled in it, and if stuff got screwed up I’d be hooped!  A bit scary.  And really, I love Entourage, I never seem to have had any of the issues that other folks are talking about, it’s been great for me, so I’m reluctant to give it up and have to get used to Outlook all over again.  I also hear that simple little things like the Resend email option is gone, and I use that all the time.

Also, there is the addition of the “Ribbon” in Word/Excel – so instead of having the cool detachable formatting bar that can hang around outside the window I’m working in, or that I can even close completely if I want to, now I’ve got all of the formatting bit and bobs parked at the top of my working window and hogging all the window space.

And the worst part yet, I can’t even get access to Outlook unless I buy the bigger Business package, it doesn’t come with the Home/Student version anymore.  Ever lame!  Who came up with that silly idea?

So as you can see I’m a bit stuck between wanting my One-Note experience to improve and having to risk a complete move of all my precious info to Outlook.  At this point, I’m leaning towards staying with what I’ve already got.

What are your opinions on the matter?  Have you made the switch?  Good or bad results?  Do tell…