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Holy smokes, it’s fall, we live in Bear country, we have some fruit trees, and you know what that means!

Okay maybe not too many folks know what that means these days, but basically it means we’re up to our eyeballs and beyond with processing, canning, juicing, etc. everything from our trees.  Two apple trees, one plum tree, and one crab apple tree – doesn’t sound like too much does it?

But, when you’ve only got two people working on it all, and those two people also work during the daytime, it most definitely escalates to Holy Smokes pretty darn quick!  What the heck do you do with all this stuff anyways?  We’d better think of something quick because they aren’t going to keep forever either.

I suppose it’s a pretty sweet life when all we have to worry about is being tired from a month or so of processing our home grown food, eh?  But still, it’s our first year and we’re still getting the hang of it all, and now I can definitely see why folks used to have so many darn kids!  Put ’em to work, that’s what they’re for!  No such luck for us. *sigh*