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As I mentioned earlier I’m heading to a conference in a couple of weeks and I’ve been getting all of my travel arrangements booked.

I wanted to try to keep my traveling carbon footprint as small as possible, and in the end it turns out that sometimes it works out and sometimes not, and now I’ve got four different types of travel coming my way! Whoa!

I’m taking the bus for the first leg, and what could be just an hour long flight turns into a 12 hour bus ride – yikes! I wish I could read while in motion, but alas I am one of those inner-ear challenged people. Haven’t been on the bus for quite a few years, let’s hope I don’t get any crazies beside me!

Next leg has me on the train for 8 hours – this one is by far my most favourite option. I’ve even upgraded to the business class seat that is bigger and has plugins for my laptop, and still it’s so cheap! I’m really looking forward to this leg of the journey.

Unfortunately directly after the conference I’m going in a different direction and can’t take the train again, so I ended up with a short 1 hour flight, darn! Oh well, I tried my best, but flying in this direction couldn’t be avoided.

And last but not least, of course the airport isn’t actually close to where I live so my sweetie is picking me up and we drive about 3 hours to get home. Whew! An epic journey! I’m going in a great big humongous circle, and luckily I have the time to spread it all out a bit so I’m able to use other options besides flying.

What is your favourite method of business travel? Do you ever stop to think about your travel carbon footprint?