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It’s one thing to hear it, and it’s quite another to experience it, but I’ve discovered that it is indeed true: your marketing does have momentum.

Let me explain: we small business owners have all heard how we have to keep marketing ourselves over and over, and eventually it will pay off.  So we plug along trying new things here and there, adding to our existing marketing plans, but there can be times when we’re just not sure that it’s making any difference.

I’d like to let all the solo-preneurs out there know that it does indeed pay off, just keep on keeping on!  Here’s my story: I have some classes that I’ve been marketing locally simply by posting them online, asking other teachers to share them with their students, putting up posters around town, and word of mouth.  It seemed like I had scoured the community for every possible venue where I could possibly market my classes.

I regularly check google searches to see where I am and whether people can easily find me, and lately I’ve been coming across all sorts of sites that I didn’t know about that have picked up my class listings and posted them on their own site.  Sweet action!  I didn’t even have to lift a finger!  I’ve since contacted them to find out how I can list my classes with them on a regular basis and they’re now added to my marketing plan.  I’ve also started to get calls from folks that have seen my class listings in a local magazine – turns out they too search for content online, found me, and added my class to their magazine listings.  Again, I didn’t even have to lift a finger or pay one red cent!

So you see, I had to take the initial action of finding places to list myself so that I could create a presence in the community.  Now that I am visible, all sorts of new and useful advertising avenues have opened up for me, and they are coming to me; I don’t have to search them out anymore.  Hooray!

So remember, your marketing is important, and if you take action it will gain a momentum all of its own.

Anyone have any other marketing momentum stories they’d like to share to inspire us all?  Please do share!